2014 Project Life Blog Circle- April

April brought the exciting new opportunity to be part of the brand new creative team for Bee Tree Studios. I was looking for to bring some colour back into my pages and this has been the perfect way to push myself creatively while getting some fun, new products to play with!

Looking back to my March post I had hoped to finish four more weeks. I didn't finish four weeks but I do have 8 more spread done. I've been hopping around between weeks a bit!

What I'm Loving:
My monthly format and the ability to have more than one two-page spread per week. It's going to be a thick book this year!

I still struggle to balance simplicity with adding a bit of colour and embellishment but I'm finding my happy medium. Having a single kit at a time to work from is making that easier for me.

The Pocket Source. I no longer browse the #projectlife hashtag on Instagram now that I have the Pocket Source to look through! I enjoying looking at layouts more than scrapbooking things people have bought, New York project housing or people showing off their abs (all things I have encountered with the #projectlife hashtag...) and The Pocket Source Gallery is all layouts!

What I'm Not Loving:

I'm no where near being "caught up" for the year. The monthly format is actually taking me longer because I have so much more I want to include. I do think it will be better in the long run because I won't have to go back and make supplementary books to fill in the holes like I will for the previous couple years.

This Month:

Colour, colour, colour! I'm aiming to get some colour back in my pages! And because I live for dichotomy, I want to do an all black and white spread a la Stephanie.

Please be sure to visit everyone else in the blog circle starting with Jenny.

Templates all my own. All embellishments Bee Tree Studios.

Templates are mine. Papers and Embellishments Bee Tree Studios.

Templates my own. Paper and word art from Bee Tree Studios "Freeze".


  1. I love the way you are making PL - your way, both in terms of how many spreads you do or not and the way you use many similar photos in one spread. PL should not make you feel restricted, it is supposed to be what you make of it. I feel that this is what you have done. I still love the simplicity in your pages and combining it with colour is awesome!

  2. I just love your layouts. They're clean and white and I dig that. I had started the year with the same intention, but really ended up wanting to use digital products so much that my layouts just don't end up that way. But I still love the look!

  3. Mmmm! Love your clean, white pages! I also love your "Ella Says" cards, I think I'm going to have to add something like that to my pages =)