I have been sick. Since Friday. Yet I went to work yesterday. The longest 8 hours of my life!
Then I came home and layed on the couch. Watched the w-5 on degrassi. Then went to my parents bed and watched Zoe Busiek Wild Card. Then fell asleep at 9:30.
I'm staying home from church and work today.
I strongly dislike being sick.
It's no fun!
I really need to get better for tomorrow though. I can't miss any of the last week of classes. That would just be bad.
Plus I have to get my lunch with PA so I better be there to say all the memory verses.


The week is almost done...

That makes me happy.
But maybe not.
Because that means I've wasted a lot of this week.
Oh well.
I'm going to go "home" and eat KD and read the Beauty of Spiritual Language.
Then pick up Amberlie from the mall. Or maybe from work. that would be easier.
Okay I have less time than I thought.
Must go now.
Buh bye now