We Went to the Park

On Sunday we went to a park by my parent's place to take some pictures of them and Ella. 
Minus the diaper blowout within oh, thirty seconds of being at the park, it was a lot of fun!

Today Ella has her 2 month immunizations. Roy also has to get a booster of one of his so he took the day off. I'm the only one that gets to be needle free today! But I think the plethora of needles and other medical devices I encountered during pregnancy and birth makes up for that! We may get the chance to go to a movie this afternoon if Ella does okay with the shots. Scene kindly emailed me the other day to mention that I haven't been to a movie in a while. Yes thank you. I know. 8 weeks and 3 days to be exact. (I only know that because we saw Horrible Bosses the night before Ella was born...I'm not obsessed with how often we go to the movies...) We have no idea what is even playing anymore so hopefully there is something good!


Our Week in iPhone Photos #2

We've had a pretty uneventful past couple of days which I'm totally fine with since last week we were out every single day!

Grocery shopped, had coffee with my mom, bought a remote for my camera (which I then realized does not work with my camera), registered for a 12 hour photography course and kept working on those piles of laundry (still trying to catch up!)

I've been getting 8-9 hours of sleep and Ella has been sleeping nearly 12 hours. Amazing!

Nap time face. Turned around to this cute face in the car. Coffee date with Gramms. 
While not as "trendy" as Starbucks their Frozen Hot Chocolate is AMAZING! She helps me with the list when we grocery shop.

Breakfast. New bedtime story. Cheese. Reorganizing the kitchen at 11pm.

 Another nap. Curled up in the bouncy chair. 

 Laundry. Money found while doing laundry! Deep thoughts in the early morning. Yet another nap.

Grocery shopping- that hair will not lay flat! Oh you guessed it another nap!
Could it possibly be yet another nap? Snuggles. The wall beside her change table at Gramms' house. Spending time with a friend. 

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Now that Ella seems to have some sort of fairly predictable bedtime we're trying to get some sort of routine in place. That being said I'm horrible at sticking to routines so we'll see how it goes. Two nights in and so far so good. Except I already forgot to "brush" her teeth tonight. So maybe not so good...

We went and walked around the mall with a friend. It was good to catch up as I haven't seen her in a while. I picked up a new bedtime book.

It's pretty cute. Summary of the story: he likes to do stuff but mostly he likes to curl up in a ball...total surprise ending (spoiler alert) He curls up in a ball. 
I have 3 boxes of children's books out in the garage so I'll have to get at them sometime soon. I also need some baskets or a small shelve to put them on in her room. Which also means I need to get the rest of the boxes/sewing machine/printer/Cricut out of her room. This is feeling very much a"if you give a mouse a cookie"situation. If you want to read to your child...

Yesterday I had this brilliant idea to add a "one year ago today" photo to each blog post. Unfortunately I had no picture from exactly a year ago today, but I did have one from a year ago yesterday. I figure that's close enough. 
We shaved his head for the first time. This went great. Not like that time I shaved it the day of our maternity photos....but that's a story for another time!


Seven weeks

Seven weeks ago Ella was born. Where did all that time go?
Seven weeks is enough time for your life to completely change.
In such a good way.
It's also apparently enough time for a hell of a lot of laundry to pile up.
In not such a good way.

3 days old. Meeting Nikki for the first time. Doesn't she look pleased?

She had so much shoulder hair. It's mostly gone now. Thank god. We were slightly worried she'd have a hard time getting a boyfriend with those monkey-like shoulders...

Tiny Mother Theresa hating on her bathtime.

 Pudgy newborn face.


Our Week in iPhone Photos

Waiting at the pediatrician's. The awesome mural at the pediatrician's. Yummy lunch!

The new blog. Real smiles. Ooooh the pump. Squishy lips!

Beside daddy's new computer tower- it's giant! Bathtime. Goodnight kisses.

Sleeping- that's pretty much all she does. Ikea trip.
Playing a game with daddy.

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