Day 246

Someone doesn’t like the grass on her legs!



Day 244

 Okay ANOTHER high chair photo. I promise the next 100+ days won’t be high chair photos…


Day 243

 This project has unintentionally become an “Ella in her high chair” project… It’s just because it’s the only time she sits still lately!

We Went to the Zoo- Part 1

A couple weekends ago we took a trip down to Calgary to visit family and to take Ella for her first trip to the zoo!

 Of course we found time for a little shopping in Balzac- remember when you were telling me how to spell it so I could type it into Google maps Laroy…? b-a-l-l-s-a…. I’m way too gullible.

Some cousin time watching Elmo’s world and a little cereal snack!

 These signs were my favourite! Oh those gorillas!

In the butterfly house this friendly little butterfly landed on Gabe’s face and stayed there for a while. Ella was very intrigued and tried to grab it!
She also growled at just about every single animal we saw. Yep I’m sure she could take on those grizzly bears no problem!
Part 2 coming soon!