Thoughts on Blogging

Recently, Lindsay from LDC Designs has shared some great ideas about finding new blogs to follow as well as asking her readers some questions about how many blogs they follow and which ones are their favourites. Her five suggestions for finding new blogs are exactly how I discovered all the great blogs I read!

Every once in a while I stop to think of the amazing world of inspiration and wonderful people I've discovered since I first stumbled across Bleubird Vintage (fun fact: I have no idea how I found it but James' blog was the first one I found in the DIY, crafty, vintage etc blog world. Also it took me about 4 months to realize it wasn't spelled Bluebird...) sometime around a year ago. Amazing that there are all these talented people out there with so many brilliant ideas and interesting lives.

I want to echo what Lindsay said about following those smaller and newer blogs as I strongly believe that too (and not just because I only have three followers!). We all know that it can be discouraging to think that no one reads what we post. Sometimes we stop posting altogether and then that is frustrating for people who do eventually discover your blog and love it only to find you never write anymore.

One of my goals for the year is to follow smaller blogs and comment regularly. I always feel a bit awkward commenting and sort of putting myself out there but I'm going to do it anyways! I also think about the fact that all of us small time bloggers may just be the next big thing and wouldn't it be great to say you followed them when???



Maybe it's because the new year is quickly approaching. Maybe it's because of all the changes that are happening (graduation, new house etc). Maybe it's just the insane amount of snow in the last few weeks. Whatever the reason I've been feeling very reflective lately. Not that being reflective is out of the ordinary for me. I have a tendency to over-think everything. Unfortunately, the thinking is too often where it stops. I don't always, okay lets face it, rarely follow through with the actions that should accompany my thinking.
I don't blog because I can't do it with the skill of someone who has been working at it for 5 years. I don't scrapbook because I can't make my pages look like the magazine. I don't eat healthier because it's too much change. Of course I think about blogging, I think about scrapbooking, I think about changing how we eat but I rarely match my thoughts with an action. I know all the steps I need to take and the attitudes that will help me succeed but I lack the action, the doing, the getting going! 

2011 is my year of ACTION! 

My thoughts can only get me so far if I don't DO something about them. 

Ready..... set...... GO!