I am such a traitor...
I have switched over to *gasp*
Hangs head in shame...
I love my safari. I really do...
but I get all the "advanced editing" screens now, like in hotmail, our youth blog, and this one.
How can I resist?


I wrote this blog in Firefox.
*hanging head in shame*



Today is my birthday.
And I just found a picture from long ago.
Well only a couple years.
Damn i miss my hair.

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Old Blog #2 from October 11

So yesterday Kelly Ripa was telling me...
Oh most wonderful moment ever.

Emailing people is an interesting thing... its a safe way to connect. It puts you at just enough distance to not feel threatened and to not feel the emotions that surround everything.
We reveal more than in person.

There is a trust in the blank screen that does not match the trust in another's eyes.

Old Blog From October 1st

Some great moments from the other night:

My favorite thing about the Backstreet Boys is their Power Tools.
Abe Lincoln's statue in New Orleans in the main event at Mardi Gras. He wears the beads and they yell "show us your chest Abe, show us your chest!"

I know this makes no sense to anyone. But oh so funny to me.