Cats like Tuna...

Okay. So cats like tuna. That is obvious.
But do they have to like it so much that they eat yours when its on the counter?
I was searching for mayonnaise and turned my back for one second when Cosmo jumps up and starts eating my tuna!
And hopefully there isn't some sort of disease that is transfered from cat to tuna to human because I am definately eating that tuna at lunch.
Went to the mall and visited Amberlie on her break.
Was practicing my story for KTC class and talking out loud in my car. Unfortunately I continued the talking out loud after I got out of my car. Yes there goes that weird girl talking to herself again ;)
Its only 10:45 and it feels like the day has been super long already. But I did get up at 6:40. So it has been kind of long already.
And I stayed up late talking on msn. which I don't regret as it was very fun.
I have class at 11:00 and then one at 12:00 and then one at 1:30-3:00. This is going to be a long day.

Anyways I probably post later when I'm bored again after doing homework for hours.


  1. every day i bring Pudge a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and i had to run to the store to buy some peanut butter cuz all we had was tuna. Do you know what tuna is? Its FISH! I can't give Pudge fish, I'd be an abomination!

    Pudge controls the weather