I am feeling like life sucks. Pretty much.
I have a growing dislike for my job. Thankfully I have an interview for a better job on Monday. My job isn't horrible, I'm just not cut out for sales.
I have sat at home nearly every night for the last 2 weeks. Its brutal. I stronly dislike it.
I have seen friends rarely in the last couple weeks. Like 3 or 4 times. Therefore my world consists of my parents and my dog. Oh the joys.

I am bored. I am lonely. I am fed up. I am directionless. I am in a bad mood.

And I am venting it here.

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  1. hey, do you have my email or anything? I dont feel like posting it here, but yah. next time i plan something I'll call you out. we'll hang. havent' seen you long time