So I had a moment on the bus today. Well a few moments actually.
I haven't taken public transit since I started driving, so for about a year. I don't have a negative attitude towards it, I just did not need it. I had to take the bus to MacEwan today for new student orientation. Which I'm totally fine with. However I am not totally fine with my first bus trip involving a nose picker. Of course just my luck I had a nose picker directly in my line of view. Not just a subtle nose picker either. A picker and examiner. I love starting the day off with a good dose of noses. *insert wretching and gagging noises here*
But on the second bus things got better. No nose pickers.
However I did go almost right by Vanguard. This is not an unusual occurence. I go by it everytime I go to work. However there was something distinctly... sad about going past Vanguard whilst going to another school.
I in no way regret my decision. I feel very good about it. A small part of me is sad, dissapointed, nostaligic. I will miss many people. I will miss Thursday chapels. And the occasional Tuesday chapel. I will miss our weekend trips. I will miss the crazy CMC's and HMSers.
A part of me is sad, I guess its a part of me that is in mourning. I was so happy to leave that I didn't think about what I would be leaving behind.
Yet I look towards the future and am filled with so much excitement. New classes, new people, new friends, new experiences, new directions. I feel as though I am finally taking that big step into the real world. I'm picking a path and going down it. And a wicked awesome path it is. I mean I get to take Swahili for goodness sakes!

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  1. God be with you! time for some sweet mission field action!