Our Week in iPhone Photos #2

We've had a pretty uneventful past couple of days which I'm totally fine with since last week we were out every single day!

Grocery shopped, had coffee with my mom, bought a remote for my camera (which I then realized does not work with my camera), registered for a 12 hour photography course and kept working on those piles of laundry (still trying to catch up!)

I've been getting 8-9 hours of sleep and Ella has been sleeping nearly 12 hours. Amazing!

Nap time face. Turned around to this cute face in the car. Coffee date with Gramms. 
While not as "trendy" as Starbucks their Frozen Hot Chocolate is AMAZING! She helps me with the list when we grocery shop.

Breakfast. New bedtime story. Cheese. Reorganizing the kitchen at 11pm.

 Another nap. Curled up in the bouncy chair. 

 Laundry. Money found while doing laundry! Deep thoughts in the early morning. Yet another nap.

Grocery shopping- that hair will not lay flat! Oh you guessed it another nap!
Could it possibly be yet another nap? Snuggles. The wall beside her change table at Gramms' house. Spending time with a friend. 

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  1. oh my goodness, her hair is so stinking cute! love the shopping cart pic!!

  2. Yay for 12 hours of sleep! And that hair.... LOL! Love it. These steal great. Thank you for linking up this weekend!