Anyone else feel the pressure to be perfect?
Not necessarily from anyone else but just from yourself.
I was that way in school and was able to achieve near perfection in a lot of classes.
Now that I'm done school (for now) I see myself trying to achieve perfection in other areas.
And of course perfection is not possible when there isn't a mark being assigned.
I've decided to lower my expectations to meet reality.

I want to be a perfect gourmet cook.  Reality- I'm probably always going to be just a half decent cook. 

I want to be perfectly organized. Reality, I SUCK at putting things back where I got them.

I want to have hair and makeup that screams "I get out of bed looking like this but really it takes me three hours!" Reality, I hate spending more time than necessary on my hair and makeup. For me that's about 10 minutes.

I want to live in a spotless house that looks like its straight from a magazine. Reality, I have a 2 month old, I hate to clean and remember I'm no good at putting things away!

I want to be the perfect mother. Reality, there is no such thing. 

Now this doesn't mean I am just going to be a slob, eat only fast food or let my child wander into traffic. I think its important to always work on improving yourself. I just can't handle the pressure to achieve PERFECTION in everything. I don't want to handle that pressure anymore.

I'm learning to be happy with just being who I am and to stop having ridiculous expectations of myself.


  1. I totally hear you on that one! I find myself doing the same things...want to be a perfect cook, baker, cake decorator, housekeeper, wife, mother...the list goes on! No one makes me feel this way...just me!

  2. Love this!! I totally suffer from wanting to be Martha Stewart!! But i'v slowly accepted that im never going to get everything done in a day!!

    I love your girls hair band and all that hair!!! :) She's gorgeous!