Project 365

Since finally getting my camera off Auto and figuring out how to shoot in full manual I've been determined to be constantly improving in my photography skills.
I've attempted a Project 365 (taking a picture a day for 365 days) before with the intention of documenting life but this time I am doing it to improve my skills and documenting life is just an added bonus. I gave up after about 5 days last time and so far I am at 14 days!
So here's the first two weeks of my Project 365!
November 11
50mm 1.8f 1/60s ISO 800

November 12
50mm 1.8f 1/500s ISO 100

November 13
50mm 1.8f 1/500s ISO 400

November 14
50mm 1.8f 1/50s ISO 200

November 15
50mm 1.8f 1/160s ISO 200

November 16
50mm 1.8f 1/250s ISO 200
November 17
50mm 1.8f 1/100s ISO 400
November 18
50mm 1.8f 1/25s ISO 800

November 19
50mm 1.8f 1/100s ISO 1600
November 20 (iPhone)
November 21
50mm 1.8f 1/250s ISO 800
November 22 (iPhone)

November 23
50mm 1.8f 1/4000s ISO 100

November 24
55mm 5.6f 1/25s ISO 1600

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  1. Hey, is project 365 a linky thing? I wouldn't mind giving it a go too!! My photography skills are in desperate need of some attention!!