How I View: New Beginnings

Alrighty, lets try this again!
So after some technical difficulties I managed to delete this post even though I had it fully done 4 days ago. FRUSTRATING!
For the next 12 months I'll be linking up with 11 other women for a monthly challenge called "How I View________"
This month's topic was New Beginnings.
Here is how I viewed New Beginnings in January.
Ella's exploring the world around her- everything is new to her!

Sitting up lends a whole new view of the world!

I did my first "real" photo session this month- of a newborn. So newness all around :)

Ella has begun to enjoy food this month (even though you might not be able to tell by this picture!)

We've found the house we want to build! So we're in the process of getting our house up for sale- one of the most exciting new beginnings of the month!

Please head on over to Kelly's blog to check out her post!


  1. What a sweet little girlie and a new house?! That is a fantastic new beginning!

  2. Lovely shots! Those ruffles! Love! Congrats on the house!

  3. Congrats on the new house - exciting times! Love the ruffle-booty shot! :)

  4. you have huge new beginnings ahead which may show up in the next few month photos! lovely shots! i also loved the ruffle booty shot!! ;-)

  5. You have a LOT of exciting new beginnings right now! Great work!

  6. Way to go - building your own house sounds like a lot of fun! Your girl is precious!

  7. Busy, beautiful, beginnings. Good luck!

  8. Baby AND a new house? Lots of exciting, new beginnings! My favorite shot? The ruffle on the newborn. Love that one.

  9. Lovely set of images and 'yay' to lots of new adventures! <3