Little Monkey

Since she’s started crawling Ella has become a little monkey. Within two and half weeks of learning to crawl she’s learned to pull herself up and she’s learned how to climb on anything she can, her change table, shelves in the living room, she’s tried climbing over me when I was laying on my back on the ground but that ended up in a face plant.

Best picture I’ve managed to get of her bottom teeth! The teeth on either side of those two have started to come in, just little points at the moment but soon they’ll be fully out.

  Ella signing “more”. She is very particular about her two thumbs going together. She’s very precise about it. Not that I can ever manged to capture it…

 She did this 4 or 5 times before getting bored with it. Round and round in circles.
All that climbing tires a girl out! She is so NOT a tummy sleeper and this last about an hour before she cried for me to flip her over.

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