How I View Summer Life

I think I’m almost recovered from Ella’s first birthday party! No one tells you how much work those things are before you have kids!!! (blog to come later!)
But its time for another “How I View…” blog circle with my lovely ladies from Clickin’ Moms. This month’s theme was Summer Life.
It would be completely appropriate to post a picture of a puddle of sweat as we’ve been having unusually hot weather. Of which I am not a fan- I couldn’t live in those places that are constantly hot. I’m counting down the days til fall as it is!
So what better way to cool off than in a pool. Excuse our pathetic little pool as we have no hose and had to haul the water out from the kitchen sink. We got the thing halfway filled up and said “eh, good enough!”.
Ella loved it though, splashed like crazy!

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