Left, Right, Up or Down?

There are so many decisions to make in life. And so many of them are hard.
Growing up is a lot harder than they tell you.

Erin and I had some great adventures the other night. Read her blog to find out more!

But in regards to life decisions... there are a few I've made I'm feeling good about.
I had a conversation today that made me feel more settled about some things that had been pressing on my mind.
I feel good about that. This is the first time since modular week I've felt good about the situation. That was back in February.

and only by the grace of God was I able to make it to the airport to see them get back. Originally their flight was coming in at 12. I was working 10-2. I found out later that they missed their flight and were getting in at 1:45. I was also getting off work at 1. So i made it to the airport like 10 minutes late. But I was there.

Well I guess I shoud go back to making important life decisions.

word of wisdom for today. Don't grow up too fast...


  1. Good wisdom words! I'm glad you made it to the airport! And the situation makes me happy. Very happy. It means more coffee talk. For the future too! Love you!

  2. hurrah!!! left or right. before deciding that i have to figure out which way is right and which is left. But yes, a tough decision. I get lost often because of it. i should just flip a coin like two-face for all my major decisions (like robbing banks)

  3. Hey there, Kristi. Like your blog, especially the title (hee, hee). I used to live in Canada too (many years ago) - Calgary then Trail, BC, so I like hearing about life in Canada.

    Have a great summer.