Sometimes pedestrians do really stupid things.
Like walk into the middle of traffic expecting people to stop.
Sometimes they walk really slowly through crosswalks.
I've seen people walk half way through a crosswalk and turn back around.

I know I've done stupid things as a pedestrian.
Which will remain unnamed... ahem running across the 6 lane road in Kelowna every year.

But today was the first time I had to stop for a pigeon.
He looked like he wanted to cross.
And I wasn't sure if he was going to.
It was very unnerving.
A pigeon in a mall parking lot crosswalk.


  1. HA HA

    That made me smile. I can't say I've ever been unnerved by a pigeon before.

  2. thats why im a fast walker...and a fast pigeon!
    love you!

  3. pedestrians own! I love how we OWN the road, and do whatever we want. Just don't do it in the East, cuz ontarians don't care and WILL run you over. But go right ahead in kelowna. We're so friendly and stop (at least for white people:)

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