52 Weeks of Organizing- Week 10

This week I didn't feel so much into documenting the "before and after" of my organizing. Partially because I was relying on my iPhone for pictures and partially because I was jumping around between lots of spaces and small projects. There wouldn't even be much "before and after" impact but I can tell how all the little things in the house are adding up to a more organized space overall.

Containerizing seemed to be a big theme for me this week!

From the top left:

First row: Black 12 x 12 box that now contains all larger than 8 x 10 paperwork. White photo box containing all things related to glue/tape/stickiness and an empty Oreo box waiting to be decorated and filled.
Cereal boxes turned magazine files waiting to be decorated. Extra magazines below and between the boxes.
Binders with some of our DVDs (will show this project when its complete!). Two photo boxes containing sewing essentials.
Second row: Under the bed containers with unfinished quilt/sewing items and wrapping paper/bags/contact paper/tissue paper, a mini wrapping station of sorts.
A plastic 12 x 12 scrapbook container now holds all my tea light candles and melting scents. Ignore the other stuff!
Two baskets full of candies and goodies. I even organized those into separate baggies which I'll show another time.
Bottom row: Soup in a cupboard all stacked nicely. This cupboard was filled mostly with the candy that is now in baskets and a couple pretty much empty bags of tortilla chips- yeesh!
A clean and organized freezer.

Nothing big and "wow what a transformation" to show but lots of little steps in the right direction!

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