52 Weeks of Organizing- Week 9

So, in case I didn't already know enough how badly I needed this organizing challenge, my inability to find my camera battery charger is a definite sign! I can't even begin to imagine which box it would be in. I think the preggers brain is finally kicking in. I'm usually one of those people who knows where things are even when they don't know where it is (does that make sense???) 

I haven't finished any major project this week. We picked up a few more containers at some really great prices which I'll be utilizing this week. I started organizing my current magazines but am stalled by the fact that the fabric to finish the magazine holders I've made is in the garage and there is about 8 billion feet of snow between me and that garage. 

It's been weeks upon weeks of -25 C (-13 F) and lower weather. With nearly constant snow. Ot's getting to me. 

On the bright side I've been on some sort of maniac scrapbooking kick. One of my 101 list items is to scrapbook all the pictures I have printed out. I would like to take a guess that I've done maybe 200 pages since Monday. I'm kind of excited to count them when its over and see. Granted I'm only putting the pictures on the page- no titles or journaling- but I still feel mega productive when I look at the pile of pages I've created. 

My "good enough" is currently just "better than it was before". However, the longer I do this challenge the more I'm finding my standards of "good enough" are changing. For the better of course. 

My parents came over this week and even though hubby and I feel that our house is a relative disaster zone we received a ton of compliments for how good it looked. My dad even used the word "organized" to describe our house!!! That was pretty great. They've lived through my years of tornado like messes (which I totally get from my dad!) so really any change seems much better. I definitely was lacking in the organizing/cleaning motivation this week but I'm really disliking the messy state my house gets in when I don't keep on top of it. 

I now make the bed every day which I can safely say that is a phenomenon that rarely occurred in my childhood bedroom, unless my mom did it for me. After seeing the made bed (we currently have no bedroom door) my mom said "You should have babies more often." 

When I manage to find my battery charger, or borrow my mothers, I'll show some progress pictures.

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