How I View Sweetness and Love

I'm not quite sure how another month has passed already but its time for the second post of the "How I View" series.
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February's theme was "How I View Sweetness and Love".
I was in no way feeling the "love and sweetness" of February. It was a tough month. It was Roy's second month without a job which meant a lot of stress.
However, I was extremely fortunate to watch the love and sweetness between my husband and daughter grow as he got to spend every day with her for almost two months. I know that I am extremely lucky woman to have a husband who is so involved with his daughter and is so helpful. He has such an amazing love for Ella, it makes me love him even more.
We ended the month of February with Roy getting a job but unfortunately it's one that takes him out of town for two weeks at a time. It just makes the photos like these all the more sweet.

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  1. Beautiful pics Kristi! I absolutely adore the upside down one. What a blessing to have a husband who cares so much about his little girl. Glad to hear your husband got a job. I can only imagine how stressful that was for you all. Hang in there as you adjust to his new work situation.

  2. Oh my gosh! They are both so sweet, but the last one? SOOO perfect!

  3. Love that last one Kristi! Wish I had a shot of my husband and daughter at that stage. Nice work!

  4. Hee!! So cute! Love that second shot!

  5. So so sweet Kristi! The upside down one is too precious!! Full of sweetness + love and captured beautifully!

  6. Sorry for the bumpy road - the silver lining is often tough to spot - looks like you found it. Love the second image, really LOVE dads who embrace all aspects of fatherhood!

  7. No matter how bad things get - there is always time for some Daddy fun!