Two More Days

I am so ready for my husband to be home. These 14 and 7 shifts (14 days gone, 7 days home) are probably my least favourite things in the world. Or at least tied with going to the dentist and shopping for pants.

The pathetic looking picture is from a few nights ago when Ella cried for a
good hour and a half because of a tooth coming in. But it very nicely sums up how I feel now.

Two more days!


  1. Woah, that's a lot of time away!!! I hope ya's really get to enjoy hanging out together when he's home!! Ella's looking so grown up in this pic!! (how many teeth has she got?) I hate teething!!
    I hope you get a wee bit of 'you' time too!!

    1. It is. This is only the second time around and I thought it would be easier but for some reason it was harder. She has 1 and a half teeth haha. The bottom ones. Oh I very much look forward to 7:30 bedtime so I an do my own thing after she's asleep!!!