Apples and Peanut Butter... Best Friends

Well its been a while since a real update...
So I guess I'll start where I left off.

Meagan and I had some "private time" as her friend said. Hehe. We walked around the river valley for 2 hourish. Then sat at the top of a hill talking. (ps Meagan lets do it again! I liked that enormously long walk!) Then we went back to her apartment. Well Tiff and Cindie's apartment that is Meagans while they are off jetsetting. And there we had some yummy grilled cheese sandwiches, pita chips and hummus. And we talked some more. I was planning on going to youth. But we talked through that too. Meagan and I talked for 8 hours straight. It was amazing! I learned a lot about both Meagan and myself in those eight hours. One of the best days I've ever had.

After Meagan's I went to Michelles for a little while. Saw some of the youth leaders and then they left soon after I got there so Michelle and I hung out and talked. She showed me her China journal.

Then I went home and went to sleep.

Work on Saturday. I can't remember what I did Saturday night. Probably just sat around my house...

Sunday- church, work, picked up Amberlie after youth leader meeting, went to my house. Made some soup. Hung out. Then headed on down to the Harsches. Walked to Safeway with Jileane and Renee.
Interesting story about that. We walked on this path through the park. And it was melty and snowy water slush everywhere. I was wearing little NOT waterproof shoes. And Jileane decides to push me into the snow. So I don't fall but its really cold on my feet. (Warning: TMI moment coming up... Don't say I didn't warn you.) And then I started to pee my pants a teeny tiny bit. And that made me mad and then my shoe came off. And the Jileane took it. And I wanted to beat her. So I'm standing in the middle of this snow pile yelling at Jileane to give me my shoe and "I have to pee! I'm peeing! Give me my shoe! Ahhhhh!"
At the moment I would say it was not so funny. But looking back now... freaking hilarious. Stupid Millwoods park. Hehe.

Then I hung out at Harsches til about 1 playing Scene It. Michelle and I had a moment! It was a fill in the blank... they add letters to the title of the movie.. similar to Wheel of Fortune. So Michelle and I figured it out both at about the same time. And the answer is BUTCH CASSIDY AND THE SUNDANCE KID. Somehow Michelle and I both yelled out bItch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. And when I say yell I mean we yelled. She said it first and then I said it to try and beat her to saying it. And then I realized it was wrong but I didn't figure out how and yelled out the real answer. And when we stopped yelling, everyone was looking at us rather funny. Then we both figured out what we had been yelling and the top of our lungs. Ahem. Good moment... I'm laughing fairly hard as I write it now.

Monday was no classes. I can't remember what I did. Again probably a lot of nothing. Oh found a lot of recipes. Thats about it.

Tuesday was yesterday. So i did have class. Went to a lunch time club with Kristy from Kids on Track. That was awesome fun. Then last night I slept over at Michelles. We watched Love Story and I fell asleep for the end but I've seen it a few times so that was okay. Then we looked at pictures and a funny movie of Alex from when he was in high school. Then watched the first part of What About Bob? Then it was2:35 in the morning and we decided to go to bed. I slept really well and then in the morning Michelle made pancakes and yogurt and strawberries. It was delicious.

Went to school and had "class" with Melissa and Keryn. We went to the mall and sat in Second Cup and chatted. Yummy and fun.

Then had a class. Woopie.

Then went to CLC and painted some banner type things for them. It was so much fun.

OOH other big news! I got a new digital camera last night. It is very nice and exciting and takes brilliant photos. I'm very happy to be a shutterbug again. I might by a membership to some website such as smugmug and post pictures. After a year of having like no photos, I want a million pictures. Life is just so much more fun with them.

Okay I think that catches you up on my life.

My deep and meaningful thought...

Its very funny to see furry little creatures walking around with people behind them carrying their poop in a bag. (I am of course talking about dogs) I just think its funny. Yes its better than leaving it on the sidewalk or my front lawn but its an amusing sight. What if someone walked behind us with a bag of our.... you get the picture! And that is probably gross and not the same at all but it crossed my mind when I was driving home today. So there you have a glimpse into my weird mind.

I should go to bed now. 8 am class.

10 more school days left for me! Yikesabee!

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  1. Kristi...you're wonderful!! And I loved Friday too!! We'll definitely do it again!!