Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming.

I need a little Dorie fish to say that to me all the time.
Its so close to the end of the semester. Its almost here!
And I'm not quite sure how I feel about that yet.
I'm going to miss people like crazy. I already do.
But its sort of different right now. Kind of like a delayed numb missing people.
Because I know people are coming back. But that is only for a few days.
And then so many people will be gone.
I'm excited for those who are coming back next year. I know we'll have a ton of fun.

I went and got an application to work for the assistant manager I worked for a while back.
And I plan to go and apply at some places at Kingsway tomorrow.
I only have class til noon. So I can finish the last two pages of my cross cultural paper hand it in and go do some job hunting.

In other news,
Homemade granola is yummy but burns fast.


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