Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming

I'm not particularly fond of those times in life where my only motivation is to just get through each day but when they happen you just have to deal with them. The -25 (degrees Celsius) snowy weather is not helping but on the plus side I get to spend lots of time under blankets.

I did a card making class today with some of my friends from work. While I enjoyed getting out and doing something new the creative aspect of the class was pretty blah... I felt limited by the specific steps I was supposed to follow and the very few supplies provided. At least I made 15 Christmas cards, now I just have to remember to send them.

The countdown to the end of my practicum is on, I'm more than halfway through! Soon I will be able to organize my house, finish painting rooms, decorate, and craft away to my hearts content. Until then I just need to remember...

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