Little Words

As a teacher you get to hear some amazing things. Sometime they are parts of conversations between the little ones and sometimes they are said directly to you. Young children have a way of speaking their mind in a way that we adults don't. Some of the things I hear make me giggle, bring a tear to my eye or just make me scratch my head.

Today's little words:

One of the most sincere comments I've received in my life...amazing that it came from a seven year old! 
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  1. hello! I noticed you're a new follower on my blog! YAY! I just wanted to thank you! I can't wait to hear about your crafts!! <3

  2. Oh my... this is so precious! I need to start writing down some things too. I completly agree with you, though. It reminds you how special you are to the kids. Thank you for sharing!