52 Weeks of Organizing- Week 6

This week I managed to work on bits and pieces of a few projects and finished one!

During week 4 I started sorting my mail and the various piles of paper I had throughout the house.
This was just the "mail bin" that was accumulating any and all papers that entered the house in the last 3 months. There were some other piles but I didn't take any photos of those.

They are finally all contained in a nice file box.

I am not quite done with all our of paperwork as I am waiting to buy a few boxes to help with the storage but I feel that this is a good start!

I also worked on DVD storage, filling and organizing our new entertainment unit (!!!) and a few spots in the kitchen. None of those are completely done but when they are I'll post them here!


  1. That looks really good. I am working on my file now to post for next Friday. What a job!

  2. Good work with organizing your paperwork! Also, thanks for visiting me at Pursuing Heart (my post about scrapbooking) ... I really like the 2peas idea you left there. They have a lot of info about digital scrapbooking. Thanks!