Valentine's Day

I have to say this was the first Valentine's Day that I've ever "celebrated".
Many years of single-ness, one boyfriend who dumped me like 2 weeks before (which I'm sure was intentional so he wouldn't have to buy me anything, haha!) and then last year we didn't do anything special. I was in the middle of exams and we were packing to move!

Hubs and I didn't do anything extravagant. He had flowers delivered during the day to me :) The first flowers he's ever got me.

I made heart shaped pizza- apparently so did the rest of the blogging world- and peanut butter cookies. We snuggled up, watched some shows on our PVR, and had a quiet night in. It was perfect! 

My Valentine Craft Swap package came on Monday and she got her's that day as well! Amazing timing. 

Debbie (from Pot Luck Designs) made me these super cute wrist warmers and a sweet little owl pin! I love them both. The wrist warmers are great since I live in a place with a super long and super cold winter! This was the first swap I did and I had a great experience :) 

Hope your Valentine's Day was spectacular!!! 

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