How I View Happiness

It is already the third month in the "How I View" series.
I'm linking up with 11 other wonderful ladies for this bloggy circle. Be sure to visit them all starting with Kelly!

March's theme was happiness.

<3 These two are my happiness  <3


  1. These are ADORABLE kirsti!! Particularly love the hazy light in the first shot - so pretty!

  2. I love both of these Kristi, but my fave has to be the top one of the two of them having so much fun together!

  3. Beautiful shots Kristi. Love the lighting in the top shot.

  4. I just thought I'd stop by and see if you were still blogging! You're not showing up in my feeds, going to follow again just to make sure! Love your pictures...what do you shoot with/edit with!?

    1. Thanks Sarah! I haven't been blogging too often... trying to change that!
      I shoot mostly with my Canon 5D Mark 2 but occasionally my Rebel Xs as well. I also use my 50 1.8 lens exclusively. I edit mostly in Adobe Camera Raw and a little bit in Photoshop CS5.

      I saw you got a Speedlite! That's next on my to do list to buy/learn. There's no built in flash on the mark2 so I'm stuck with whatever light I have.