And then she was 1...

Today Zoey turned 1. I'm not sure I even have fully grasped that sentence. It's going to take a few days for it to settle in that she's no longer a baby. Of course, the fact that she is walking around and climbing onto everything in sight makes it a bit easier to believe. 

I've never looked up the meaning of Zoey until today. We didn't consider the "meaning" of either girls' name when we chose them. We chose based on the fact we liked them, they had little variance in their possible spellings and were uncomplicated for people to say. 

When I pre-wrote this blog post in my head, I had intended to make a witty comment about how they put the wrong definition of Zoey in the name dictionary. That it should have meant laughter and mess and cuddles. That the words determined and brave needed to be added in. That they missed the insatiable appetite and constant movement.

Then I read the definition and it consisted of one perfect word. 


Zoey you are life. 

Happy first birthday baby girl. 

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