Library Picks v.2

A couple weeks ago I shared Ella's library pick of the week because I had wanted to document her unusual choice of a shark book. I'm attempting to enforce a very strict one to two book policy for each library trip. I will inevitably forget to return them otherwise. Some weeks I'm more strong willed than others.
Looking through the photos of her with her shark book I was brought back to the many, many memories of the various libraries of my childhood. Picking out my first Babysitters Club book at my school library in first grade, being scolded for taking books that were "too mature" for me (in a private christian school this meant the book involved the death of the main character's husband in the days of the settlers...that's some seriously innapropriate shit for a third grader apparently...) the excitement of finding out the upcoming Summer Reading Club Theme, joining a club at the library which gave me the chance to meet some great Canadian children's authors and present at provincial book awards in front of nearly 1'000 people. Spending my high school years and first year of University working as a page, I knew the Dewey Decimal System inside and out! Libraries are a significant part of my story and I want to be able to give my girls the opportunity to have it be an integral part of theirs.

The "Library Picks" series will continue so that they can look back and see what their interests were, how libraries helped shape their early years, and serve as a record of sorts. I want to go back in time and tell my nine year old self to write down the books she was reading because I have a very distinct memory of a certain book, I can remember where it was on the shelf in the library, some of the plot and a vague image of the cover. It haunts me to this day that I have never been able to remember the title of the book.... 17 years later.

Ella's pick was a shark book again. She showed me the sound sharks make and bit the book like a shark would. I'm going to pretend I didn't have to wash the children's books every school holiday and know exactly how dirty they can be...

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