14 Days

Earlier tonight I dropped Roy off for his next 14 days away.
I'm hoping that third time's the charm and this rotation is easier than the last one was.
Over the next 14 days I plan to do work on a few goals from my 101 in 1001 list. 

I'm going to work on my planks (I'm aiming for 2 minutes which is probably a dumb goal to some people but I'm fairly certain pregnancy completely destroyed the little abs I did have so 2 minutes seems like a lofty goal to me!)

My second goal is to complete Ella's baby blanket. It would probably be a good thing to finish it before she is finished being a baby.

I'd also like to work on our getting caught up on our family yearbooks. I've been having a lot of internal dilemmas on how I want to do these. But I think I've settled on using InDesign to make the pages and using Blurb to make the books.

So between that and BLOGGING EVERY DAY (maybe if I say it in all caps I'll actually do it) I think I should manage to keep all my non-Ella time full.

A couple pictures from earlier today!

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