Danielle at Sometimes Sweet has a neat little feature called "currently" and invites her readers to do their own version so here is mine!

Obsessing over: This song

Working on:  Ella's baby blanket. I think I've added about three more rows since taking this photo this morning. I'm not sure how big I'll make it. For now I'll use up the yarn I have and see how big it is then and go from there. And on being happy where I am now in life instead of always wishing for the future!

Thinking about: Our house. Constantly. We had hoped to be able to sell it but that looks like it may not happen. I'm mentally arranging and rearranging the 660 sq feet to try and make it work for another year or two. It really hurts my brain.

Anticipating: Long lazy summer days spent out on a picnic blanket in our yard.

Watching: Lipstick Jungle. Only one more episode to go and it looks like they just cut the show off in the middle of the season. Sigh.

Eating: Fruit Loops. I've been craving them like crazy lately.

Wishing: that spring would just get here and stay. We're anticipating 10-15 cm of snow overnight. Efffffffff.

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