Non Stop

The last few days have just been non stop busy. My mom has been helping me paint (okay by that I mean she has been painting while I clean and organize) our house so we can move back in.

Long story short we were planning on selling so we moved into my inlaws to fix up the place and make showing easier by not having to get Ella and myself out at a moments notice. We found a house to build, were pre-approved for the new mortgage, it was all going beautifully.

Then had our house assessed and BAM- dreams temporarily killed. Our house is worth less than what we paid for it and less than what we owe on it once you factor in realtor fees. Womp womp.

So we are going to move back in for at least three months and then look at all our options again.

In the mean time to make our tiny 660 square feet work we switched the master bedroom and Ella's bedroom around.

Ella now has the big bedroom so she has room to play.

Our bedroom is a little squished but all we do in our bedroom is sleep and if there's any playing in there its definitely not on the floor ;)

New paint, a new rug, an excellent Kijiji change table find, moving a few things around and some MASSIVE cleaning and reorganization and I think we'll be able to make our tiny little place livable again.

I'm going to work on some before/during/after posts as we get all this finished. I just pulled up the pictures from the weekend we moved into the house and I can't believe already how much its changed!

In the middle of cleaning out the kitchen! I feel bad for the garbage man!

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