Halfway there + memory keeping madness!

I've made it over the halfway mark. 6 days until Roy is home next.

Ella's blanket has a few more rows. I don't think I'll be finishing it but I'm getting closer!

I'm doing planks almost every night but I haven't timed myself since my first time (25 second- haha!) but I won't do it again until the two weeks are up. I'll be happy to make it to 30 seconds.

I've blogged almost every day but missed a few due to staying at my parents for the weekend. Still it's some of the most consistent blogging I've done.

Finally I have come to a decision about how I'm doing the family year books. It sounds so stupid but I have debated about this for MONTHS. It's gone like this: Should I do 12 x 12 or 8.5 x 11? Or another size altogether? Do I go completely digital and print them once a year? Do I print individual 12 x 12 pages every month and put them in an album? Should I order Project Life? Should I do the digital version of Project Life? How about I just print them out and put them in albums? What colour album? Do I get them all the same size? How many do I buy so I ensure that the entire year will be in the same album? But then how will I make sure all my [future] children have copies of all the photos? Do I make two sets of the albums, one for us and one for Ella? What do I do when baby #2 comes along? 3 copies. Oh make the madness stop!

Have I mentioned I have problems?

I'm not sure why this stressed me out so much but it did. I want to record memories. I want my children to look back through pictures, laugh, cry and remember. I want our photos to not just sit in files on my computer. I want to be able to look back and laugh, cry and remember. I am wanting it to be perfect.

But there is no way to reach perfect.

I've decided to go with the digital version of Project Life found over at Jessica Sprague. The whole purpose of PL is to just get you keeping a record of life. Not to overthink it. To keep it simple. I love the idea of the paper version but I think I would just get overwhelmed. I have great intentions but my follow through isn't always there.

I only bought the templates, journaling cards and the numbers/letters set for now (Colbalt Edition). I need to keep it simple. I'm working on January of this year and am already feeling the Project Life love.

One of my favourite parts about the whole thing is that I'll be able to get multiple copies of the books printed. My kids are leaving home with a collection of photobooks that may or may not weigh as much as they do. I am so excited for the day when Ella and I can look through the books I have already made of her newborn photos and our maternity photoshoot.

This post was not intended to be such a lengthy look at my memory keeping madness but thanks for reading if you got this far.

Cute pictures for your reward.


  1. I love the littly fascination with laundry baskets!! She's so scrummy!! :)

    1. Haha I know right?!? there are so fascinated with them!