101 in 1001

Since it's that time of year where resolutions and goals are shared I thought I would share mine. I did not make any "new" goals for 2011 instead I am continuing to work on my 101 goals in 1001 days a.k.a. Day Zero Project. I attempted one once before when I first graduate high school but didn't stick with it.
I officially started this list on August 25th, 2010 and have until May 22, 2013 to complete it. Which means I have 870 days left.

Here's my list (crossed out means I've already done it, italics means it's in progress)

1. Try Geocaching
2. Sew a dress
3. Month by month scrapbook (0/33)
4. Get a tattoo
5. Take a yoga class
6. Take more photos
7. Take a sewing class
8. Organize craft room
9. Grow a herb garden
10. Decorate bedroom
11. Decorate bathroom
12. Decorate living room
13. Buy a DSLR
14. Finish writing another 101 list by the end of this one
15. Go for a massage
16. Pay off our debt
17. Graduate Universtiy
18. Make my own soap
19. Decorate kitchen
20. Learn to embroider
21. Floss everyday
22. Cook 1 new recipe every month (3/33)
23. Have date night once a month (4/33)
24. Use up all existing yarn before buying more
25. Complete wedding scrapbook/digital book
26. Complete a Project 365
27. Lose 15 pounds (0/15)
28. Lose 30 pounds (0/30)
29. Open an Etsy shop
30. Read 10 biographies (0/10)
31. Make a budget and stick to it
32. Go a day without electricity
33. Scrapbook all printed out pictures
34. Finish engagement minibook
35. Plan for a baby
36. Finish 30 sewing projects (1/30)
37. Send Christmas and Birthday cards to family
38. Declutter everything!
39. Start a blog and maintain it
40. Design and order fabric from Spoonflower
41. Donate books and replace some on Kindle
42. Purchase a working record player
43. Make my own lollipops
44. Stop using plastic grocery bags
45. Replace all ugly reusable bags with handmade ones
46. Stop using sandwich bags
47. Make own reusable sandwich bags
48. Take three trips (0/3)
49. Own a Blythe doll
50. Design and sew my own perfect hoodie/jacket
51. Start and maintain a recycling system
52. Update progress on list once a month (4/33)
53. Use an agenda every day for a year (0/365)
54. Create a 101 in 1001 minibook
55. Read 30 books (9/30)
56. Learn how to make Bento boxes
57. Make as many homemade versions of food as possible
58. Complete fridge makeover and maintain
59. Eat fruits and veggies every day
60. Finish this list before August 25th, 2010
61. Drink more water. Work to 8 glasses a day
62. Decorate for the seasons
63. Figure out how to use my Serger
64. Have a real fondue dinner
65. Try one new veg(an) recipe per month (0/33)
66. Use 50% of my scrapbook paper before buying more
67. Organize every room/ space
68. Make curtains for our bedroom
69. Edit my Google Reader once every 3 months (1/11)
70. Get a teaching position
71. Go paperless on as many bills as possible
72. Use homemade bread 75% of the time
73. Do one creative thing a day
74. Use only homemade cleaners
75. Make a sock monster
76. Go through PVR once a month (4/33)
77. For every item bought get rid of one
78. Start a cupcake project
79. Revamp wardrobe
80. Cook at home every night for a month (0/30)
81. Join curling league
82. Go camping three times (0/3)
83. Discover the best cinnamon bun recipe
84. Take a multivitamin every day
85. Create teaching portfolio
86. Organize iPhone(music/apps) every 3 months (0/11)
87. Vacuum regularly
88. Make bed every day
89. Make new blanket for bed
90. Decorate entire fridge in one day
91. Create key/mail area
92. Create and maintain filing system for papers
93. Go through iPhoto, delete, edit and sort
94. Go through files, delete, edit and sort
95. Make reusable napkins
96. No candy for a week (0/7)
97. Learn to make pasta
98. Save for a downpayment
99. Create recipe binder
100. Buy and learn to use Photoshop
101. Make a new ice cream flavour every 3 months (1/11)

Items completed: 10/101 (10% complete)
Items in progress: 19/101

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  1. i love your list! so many things i read i said to myself, oh, I need to do that, too! haha. good luck! i'm excited to start mine. i think starting needs to be one of the numbers.