52 Weeks of Organization Week 2

Before starting this project I thought it would take me a lot longer than it actually did.
I thought I had more stickers than I actually do which is a good thing. It was still hard to find them all when they are just thrown in a drawer.

At "Crafts and Crap" Michelle shared how she organized her stickers. I really liked the idea but went with a much more scaled down version. I didn't create individual sections but did have three categories of alphabets, words and everything else. The amount of stickers I have just didn't warrant separate sections. 

The drawer full of stickers aka "the before". 

When I reorganized my craft room on New Year's Eve I ended up just dumping all my stickers and embellishment type items into this drawer. I knew at the time it was probably not the most reasonable solution but at least they weren't in the popsicle box anymore. 

Sorting into piles

After sorting there were some stickers I realize I've had since my Jr High scrapbooking days. I kept thinking they looked like stickers a 13 year old would use which makes sense because I was 13 when I bought them!!! There is no way I'm going to use them now so they went into my "giveaway/donate" box. 

In the binder and ready to go!

I used scotch tape to keep the stickers on pieces of printer paper and then put the papers back to back into page protectors. I bought a pack of a hundred page protectors from Costco for student teaching and recipes. I love page protectors and use them whenever I can. I used to put my study notes into them, it somehow made them feel more important and like they really deserved my attention. 

It is going to be so much easier to actually use my stickers now which will help me achieve my goal of scrapbooking all the pictures I have printed out as well as using up a good percentage of my supplies. 
And there is plenty of room left inside the binder for more stickers in the future!

It only took me two episodes of "Drop Dead Diva" on Netflix (did you know we get streaming Netflix in Canada now??? Of course we have a crappy selection of shows compared to the States but its getting increasingly better all the time! Of course this may only be exciting to me...Oh oh oh and it was announced that Target is coming to Canada in 2012/2013! Excitement! ) from start to finish. A nice, quick organizing project for a Thursday night! 

Now to decide on my project for week 3...


  1. From a fellow scrapper, awsome binder!

  2. I hope to become a scrapper! I love Drop Dead Diva.... I wonder when it starts again???

  3. Excellent idea! I'm not much of a scrapper but hope to get into it if my life ever slows down a bit!

  4. Target coming to Canada? Wow - I didn't know you Canadians were Target-deprived. I have one right around the corner from me and love it.

    You did a great job organizing your stickers. I like the idea of taping them to paper and putting them in page protectors.