Snow Day

Okay so we didn't literally have a snow day. I'm not sure what it would take for this city to actually have a snow day. In the ten years I've lived here I've never seen an amount of snow that causes the city to shut down. 
We are a crazy bunch up here in northern Canada. Driving in snow like this is insane, people either decide that going faster is the way to handle it or slowing down to 25 km/hr is the solution. I prefer to just stay inside. So that's what we did this weekend. 
We happened to be at a friend's house on Friday and had planned to stay the night anyways but once we looked at the snow on Saturday morning we decided to extend our stay another night. I'm pretty sure it was mostly just because we wanted to avoid the massive amount of shovelling we would need to do to even get into our house, because the friends live about 15 blocks from us! 
It was great to feel "snowed in" for the weekend. We made French Toast and pizza and cake and Rice Krispie Squares. We played Apples to Apples and watched most of season 2 of How I Met Your Mother. And of course we stayed in our pajamas all weekend. The guys also put up the crown moulding in their living room so at least they were productive. It was the perfect weekend! 

Shoveling to get into our backdoor

Crazy amount of snow

In front of our house

Icicles by our back door

Hubs trying to get us into the house!

Hope your weekend was warmer and less snowy than mine! 

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