Tiny Spaces

My husband just laughed at me as I went to put my memory card into the printer to upload some pictures. In order to do so I have to stand by the front door in the 3 foot space between it and the printer. Then once I sat down in my chair I rolled right into the middle of the living room. We both laughed that time. Have I mentioned yet that our house is small? Don't get us wrong, we feel so lucky that we were able to buy a house and most days we love living here but some days we just want to scream.

Our house is 63 years old and 660 sq ft. Our garage is 661 sq ft. Yes, our garage is bigger than our house which of course was a huge selling feature for my hubs, Being old the house definitely has its quirks. We are pretty sure that the floors are starting to slope as well. One or more of the previous residents fancied themselves as the next Mike Holmes. They were not. At all. The longer we live here the more we discover the remains of their less than superb handyman/women skills. By far the most annoying is the dishwasher that was installed slopping forward resulting in the top rack constantly sliding out EVERY SINGLE TIME WE CLOSE IT!

Regardless, I still love this house and am loving the challenge of trying to make such a small space functional. I get to try new solutions all the time and constantly day dream about how to make it all work. Once the weather warms up (I laugh at myself saying this as we won't get "warmer" weather til probably March...maybe) I plan to reorganize the garage to provide extra storage space. Our basement currently looks like this

But once its redone we want to use it as a family room and craft room for me! One day, one day. 
I plan to post before during and after pictures of spaces as they come together. For now I will keep rearranging, reorganizing and reminding myself that I really do love this house!

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