In about 6 months....

(photo from our engagement session)

In about 6 months we will be welcoming our first little cupcake! 
Back in November we found out we were pregnant and in this past week we've been sharing the good news with our friends and family. 
Nausea and extreme tiredness aside everything has been going great. 
I still don't quite feel pregnant.
We get to hear the heartbeat for the first time on Feb 1 and go for our 20 week ultrasound on March 2 and I'm sure those two things will make it feel more real. 
That and the fact that my pants don't fit anymore!
Only 6 more months!

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  1. omg! CONGRATS!!! HOW EXCITING! Good for you that you were able to not tell anyone until you were ready!! The photo is beautiful, too. YAY!! 2011 is a happy year!