Furnace Troubles

When I woke up to use the bathroom this morning our house was ridiculously cold. I thought it was more like 3 am when our house is usually freezing but when I saw it was 5 am I knew something was wrong. Our heat usually kicks on at 4:30am. I grabbed my phone to look at the temperature on the thermostat and it was 13 C/ 55 F degrees. Normally our house drops down to 16 C/ 60 F overnight which is chilly but when we are under the blankets not an issue. However 13 was just too damn cold.

I told hubs the furnace wasn't working and he told me I was sleep talking or dreaming. Soon enough he realized I was serious and went to take a look. So happy that hubs is a plumber which means he learned about furnaces and gas in school and had some idea of what to do.

After a lot of clanging around and trips to the garage he got it working again. Shortly after he had to leave for work but he was lucky because at least he was going where it was warm. It took close to 3 hours for our house to get remotely warm. I stayed under 5 blankets on the couch watching bad reality tv from the PVR...16 and Pregnant/ Teen Mom if you must know, I've just discovered it and am slightly obsessed!

For now our furnace is working and I really hope it stays that way since outside isn't warm at all!

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