No Pictures!

I was planning on posting my week 3 organizing project today however I am unable to access the pictures on my camera. Since I have no clue where my mini usb cord is since we moved I've been putting my memory card into the printer to get photos.

Except this time it isn't loading the pictures properly and when I attempt to import into iPhoto it shows the same picture 120 times. Alright!!!

An organizing post is rather boring without the pictures in my opinion so it will be on hold until I figure out a solution.

In other extremely happy news my husband and our friend have spent the weekend in the garage working on a custom entertainment unit for our living room. Having it will mean so much more storage and that I'll actually be able to unpack a lot of boxes. I'm so excited for them to get it finished!

I just went out and saw the first part of the shelving and it looks fantastic!

My iPhone will have to suffice for taking pictures for now.

The wall in the living room where the entertainment unit is going. 
Messy gong show!

We are hoping to get the first part into the house tonight so I'll update when we do. 

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