From horrible to Hoorah!

Somehow this week managed to go from being extremely crappy to amazing!
I started this week with roughly 70 hours of practicum to do.
I am now down to about 45!
I've down 23 hours of practicum from Monday to Friday this week and remember some hours I forgot to add into my calculations for February.
So it seems managable!
And I also managed to finish two major assignments a week early! So no I only have 3 to do for Thursday. I'm hoping to finish a good chunk of my Systematic Theology questions tonight and finish them by tomorrow. Do one of my gospels assignments on Monday and then the other one on Wednesday. Then I will be down to only two assignments for the rest of the school year. Hoorah!

So I'm going to apply for a job at another library that goes from this April til next April- perfect timing. Its 17.5 hours a week but thats manageable. I want to take at least one course by distance ed this summer and if I get the other library job I would only have to work the one job or minimal hours at a second one. And that would enable me to dedicate a lot of time to a distance ed course and some summer practicum stuff. So pray that if its meant to be I'll get the job because there are some obstables (time off and availability) that I fear might make it hard to get the job. But we'll see.

Okay I suppose I should do some homework... bleh.

The end is in sight!

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