So I started today stressed out to the max. I blame it all on the stupid lady in front of me going 60 on the Yellowhead from St Albert Trail to 107th. I couldn't pass her because of the traffic in the next lane. I know we were in the "slow" lane but go the freakin speed limit! And consider most people drive 70-90 on the Yellowhead she was doing 10-30 below the speed limit. An accident waiting to happen.

Wow I just needed to rant about that.

Rant number two.

Practicum Hours.
How in the world am I going to do them all? Even just the amount I need to graduate. There is no way I'm not graduating with my friends. That would be the crappiest of all crappy things in the world.
So I was just super stressed about that and ready to quit school. I had no desire to worship in chapel. [bad me I know i couldn't help it though] plus i kinda felt i was at a staged concert not worship. but thats besides the point.
I wrote like 3 pages in my journal while prof. guthrie spoke. I listened too but I really just needed to get a crapload of stuff off my chest. And that is what I did. I find my journal is targeted to a single topic lately. One that requires "Do Not Read" post-its. (I hand my journal in for one of my courses and if I don't want something read then I stick a "Do not read" post it on the page and that is respected...i hope!) The 3rd time all year and this time they are like every second page!!! But that just helped clear my mind quite a bit.
And tonight I got my rough and first draft of my Literature Review done! Yippee. Its only 7 and I accomplished that. That make my outlook brighter! And I'm feeling significantly better about practicum hours too. I'm going to help with the youth silent auction this friday! Which will be a ton of hours!
So this is how my week for practicum hours looks.
Monday- 2 hours meeting with Judi
2.5 hours carnival budget
Tuesday- none
Wednesday- hopefully 1.5 hours cleaning room
potentially 2 hours CFM bulletin board
Thursday- 2 hours sewing club
Friday- 1 hour filing
7-8 hours silent auction
Saturday- fundraising prep 1 hour
Sunday- .5 hour kids worship
So that puts my grand total for the week at..... 18-19 hours! Holy shiza! Thats a lot of hours. Let me see that puts me at... hopefully 55 hours left! Not bad for starting at about 75 at the beginning of this week!
Life is looking brighter!

*giant sigh of relief*

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  1. hey Kristi! I love how God hears your situation and so quickly shows His ability to help you!! It's really encouraging!