So I changed my template. The other was just too... stupid girly. Besides this one is pink.

I finished my literature review today and handed it in! Woohoo! I can't tell you how happy that makes me.
And I'm not going to count the assignments I have left. That will just depress me.

Today was an emotionally trying day. Although one of my better ones this week.
And it wasn't emotionally trying because of selfish reasons or anything.
The speaker in chapel was just.... wow. He was from Voice of the Martyrs. And his stories and the videos. I don't feel like going into it too much. There was a lot of conviction, a lot of sadness, and some tears. I'll maybe write more when I've processed it a tad more.
And another emotionally trying moment. Without going into too much detail to protect identities and feelings and all that.... I just found out some stuff about some of the kids I volunteer with. And wow. When I found out I make more at my part time job then a dad that supports a family of 6 (per hour wage).... how is that supposed to make you feel?
And just hearing all the friends or family members that have been in hospital recently- one dealing with the effects of alcoholism.... Its just tough to hear.
today was an awesome day in sewing club though. We didn't sew. We just hung out and talked. I got to know the girls a whole lot more and I just felt an increased attachment and closeness. And the coolest thing happened when I was leaving. We were walking out of the Hands House and this lady waved and smiled the hugest smile. (People in the neighbourhood know the House) I didn't know her but she just gave me the hugest smile and waved anyways. And then when I drove by her she smiled again and waved. And I just laughed with glee. Yes I actually laughed with glee. I have no other way to describe it. I'm starting to feel connected to the neighbourhood- even if its very slighty. I hope with continued working with Judi and Tool Time this summer that feeling with grow stronger and deeper.


ps. So somehow i got stuck behind the same slow lady on the Yellowhead. I kid you not, the very same lady! What are the chances???? Grrr! (Maybe God is saying something about patience to me... haha. I already know I have to work on that!)


  1. I never got to see the other girly one, but this one looks girly enough, so I'm not going to try and imagine the other one :P

    So yeah, I finally got your comment. I've been without Internet access since I moved into my new apartment (yeah, that's a big thing in itself). But here you go... a link to my blog.