You know you need to clean your room when...

I'm sitting here printing off my three assignments totally over 30 pages. I'm praying my ink and paper hold out!
The printer is on the floor hooked up to my laptop. And I am sitting on a pile of dirty laundry- and there is more dirty laundry surrounding me. I am a pig sometimes! Things just get busy are there are assignments to do and then its suddenly Friday and my room is hugely messy again and as I look at all the laundry on the floor I wonder if I have any clean laundry. That is a very good question... All I need is a clean shirt!

I got an email from a friend who is over in Hong Kong. That definately made my day! Its so good to hear little bit about what is happening and to know people are safe and having a blast. Life is so different without them all.

my printer just made a breaking sound. its okay.

i once dropped it and my laptop at the same time. well I didn't drop them. They fell off the shelf thing they were on. That is why it is now on the floor. Its safer that way.

Okay my bum is getting numb sitting on my hardwood floor.

I orignally said my bum is getting number... but that doesn't made sense. so i changed it after posting it. haha

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