I'm back...

So I'm back.
Its been a while.
But I feel like its time to blog again.

Um don't read too much into my whole layout. Unless you are certain people who know certain things. Then read as much into it as you like. But please don't ask me about it. I'm confused as a dizzy catepillar. Or something. And that is all I will speak on the subject for now.

I have created a new word. Crappit. It refers to the roads conditions here. Its snowed like 30 cm since last night. Its horrible. I suppose crappit could describe many things though. What I'm not sure- insert your own things crappit describes here-.

School is drawing to a close! Which is sad and relieving all at the same time. I've decided to stay at Vanguard for 3 more years.
All of my classmates but one are in Thailand right now. I miss them something fierce. 39 days til they come home.

I went to youth last night for the first time in a long time. It was some good times.

As a result of Tim Hortons after midnight and alarming number of people know something about me that I almost wish they didn't. But Daniel has his fingers crossed for me so I think that makes me feel better.

Work was horribly slow today. Normally the library is a gong show of busy-ness. Today was brutal. Nothing to do. But I did get paid great to do very little.

So here I am blogging again. I sort of missed it. And I want this one to last. I plan to have a much more exciting life so hopefully it will.



  1. I feel pretty darn special that I understand your layout. w00t. I'm also glad that I was blessed to be present during the creation of 'crappit.' I really am a lucky one. I miss seeing you, my friend.

  2. Regarding sweating - you should see me after kitchen duty. People don't know it but sweat droplets fall from my head into the vat o'food. Shhhh, don't tell anyone! I miss wiping my sweat on you

    Love Tony

  3. Love your blog and love crappit. I shall be taking crappit with me to the lovely people of Thailand. KFC isn't the same without you. They have weird fries and biscuits and stuff here...I wish we could be together...sniff sniff...

    Love Lena