What is Happening to Society? (A deep post...)

When did a TV show become more important than relationship?
Why have we let media become front and center in our life?
Where do our values really lie?

I ask these questions because of something that happened tonight. A friend I haven't seen in a while was talking to me on MSN and it was nice. Then she realized she was missing the OC and left. Now in case you read this I'm not mad at you or anything. It just made me think.
I know I've done that before. I've left a conversation with a friend to go watch a TV show.
But as I think of my friends in Hong Kong or Tony and Lena in Thailand, I would stay on MSN all night to have the chance to talk to any of them for even 5 minutes. There is no way I'd leave one of those conversations to go watch a TV show.

So where do our values lie?
Is a TV show really more important than a conversation with a friend?
Will your life significantly be altered if you miss the latest episode of America's Top Model or Grey's Anatomy or ER (Those last two are definately me....)
Not really.
Will it significantly be altered because you lose out on chances to build relationship?

If we all snub each other for the more important things in life that is all we will have left.

We will be sitting alone with our TVs watching reruns of crappy tv shows, our only friends.

Okay so maybe that last part is a bit extreme. I guess I've just come to realize that value of relationships lately. And the complete insignificance TV has to our life. Be a college student for a few months. You'll quickly learn that TV isn't all that important and you can go for days without watching and surprisingly the world does keep turning.
I think about the TV thing often as I prepare to move out. Do I not have one all together? But I would love to have people come over and watch movies. Or would I really? Wouldn't it be better to build relationships through talking and goofing around rather than staring mindlessly at a screen. Probably. So be warned all you who plan to visit me next year- our apartment will be a place of TVless bliss!!!

And I will now stop procrasting homework. Almost done!

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