Speaking of Interesting...

Okay work itself was not interesting. Its a library so I mean really.
However Pam tried to get me to go to Anahiem with her. I'm contimplating since she would have enough airmiles for air fare for both of us. Yet it still seems like a lot of money. I'm thinking about it... I never do anything crazy like that.

My parents bought a condo during the 4.5 hours I was at work. Yeah. Crazy. Insanity. Not really as they have been talking about it for like 3 years. Now this means Jen and I are definately getting an apartment. Since I have no room in the new house. Haha. I was planning on moving out anyways. This just makes it for sure for sure. Kraft Dinner night here I come!

They got a new 42" plasma tv with the house as well. Personally I think thats the only reason they bought it.

I don't want to do homework. I did work out though. 45 minutes on the elliptical. An episode of Alias. Woohoo.

Reality is setting in though. Assignments are due in 11 days. Yikesabee! (Wow its been a while since I've said that)

Trip to Anahiem or a new digital camera and a months rent.... decisions, decisions.


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