2014 Project Life Blog Circle- March

In March, I’ve managed to get a few more pages done. I’m still quite a few weeks “behind” but I’m trying to not think like that! I will get these memories put together eventually and I’m constantly taking pictures and occassionally journalling so I’m keeping up just in a different way!
What I’m Loving: 
I’ve continued to keep my simple look with lots of white space. I still love my white space!
The monthly format. I’m loving the flexibility to have my pictures spread out over more than just one spread for every week. I like the idea of a fuller book at the end of the year.
What I’m Not Loving:
I’m feeling a bit bored with my lack of colour in my journal cards. I’m just not sure how to get over the competing colours in my photos and adding coloured journal cards to that just seems like too much!
This Month:
I’m hoping to get at least 4 more weeks done. It is spring break this week so hopefully I’ll have a little bit extra time. My bestie and I are trying to set weekly PL dates which is definitely helping with getting my layouts done.
Head on over to Bee Tree Studio’s blog and check out her progress on her 2014 Project Life.  

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