Papa's Birthday

Last weekend we celebrated Papa's birthday with a trip to Cactus Club for steak. Their steak is delicious and one of their only gluten free options for me but I can't complain, being forced to order steak isn't so bad!

Zoey has been super into face squishing lately. Sometimes you can even get her to imitate you if you do it first. She mostly does it when she's very happy.

Ella had chocolate milk made for just for her.

Then we went to the mall for some ice cream. That may have been a mistake... I'm not sure if it was busy because people were on spring break or if that's just how it is on weekends but it was wall to wall people!

Ella was finally brave enough to accept a piggyback ride. Walking with Papa was the highlight of her day. A week later she told me all about the carousel we walked past and how you stick on it and hold the stick with two hands and go up and down.


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